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If Water Horse: Legend of the Deep Had Been Written By Cormac McCarthy…

…the ending might have looked as bleak as this. “Aw, hells bells! They even mummified Nessie!”

Kidding! Kids, I am kidding. Stop crying. This infant plesiosaur is actually the latest creation from Needcoffee fave artist (who goddamn well never sleeps, I swear) AlexCF:

The specimen is in relatively good condition. It is dried, the skin is intact. It is presented in a brass/ glass specimen cabinet, the inside back decorated with various illustrations of plesiosaur anatomy. This is specimen number 12 in the Merrylin cryptid collection.

No word on when or where it will be for sale, but I just know I won’t be able to afford it. See more of AlexCF’s stuff at his site.

Update: AlexCF is selling it himself as an experiment, so if you want to ditch the middleman and get the savings passed onto you, then check out the deal here.