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Wired Names Best Bots of All Time

All the bots you would expect are on here: Optimus Prime, Astroboy, and The Iron Giant. They even have some you might not recall offhand, like those spider things from Runaway. Also there’s some you’re damn glad they remembered: like Gort.

But the reason I love this is because any article that, while discussing the Tin Woodsman from Wizard of Oz, has the line “While technically a cyborg, the heartless lumberjack of Oz did wrestle with a common existential dilemma faced by robots: the desire to feel.” Did you feel the inner geek in you rise up? Of course you did. Wizard of Oz and cybernetics together in a single sentence. Genius.

Found via Engadget.


  • Yo! What about Goldar, Silvar and Gamma from “Space Giants?!” Hint, you had to be alive in the early 70s for this one.

  • It was “Gam”, actually, not “Gamma”! The lugo men always creeped me out, especially when the melted…

    The real omission here, to me, is Ash, the troubled android from “Alien”. I kind of expected Maxilian too, with his chest propeller.