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Dulce et Decorum est

A moment of silence, please, for the honored dead.

In a startling and brave act of selflessness, cosmic justice, and karmic retribution, an abused mouse gave up the body to burn down the house of his abuser. It seems that Luciano Mares, 81, of New Mexico, found a mouse he wanted to “get rid of” and figured tossing a living, feeling being into a flaming pile of leaves was not only logical, but ethical. Apparently Mr. Mares has never heard of the ASPCA, compassion, humane mouse traps, fields near his home, or, say, divine retribution, for no sooner did the Der Maus catch on fire, but he ran back towards Mr. Mares’ oh-so-precious domicile, while en fuego, and spread the Flames of Justice far and wide, proving, once again, not to mess with creatures smarter than you.

It is too bad that the Beacon of Mercy is all too often lit by the tiniest of Heroes.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the original heads-up.

Image taken from here.