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Sir, Don’t Try to Be a Hero

Improv Everywhere: Jumper

Just found Improv Everywhere thanks to a tip from Dave Barry. They basically do guerilla theatre scenes anywhere and everywhere they can, as their name implies (threatens?).

He had linked specifically to the time they setup a posh bathroom attendant in the Times Square McDonald’s. My personal favorite is the suicide jumper who was going to make the leap…from a four foot ledge. Sheer freaking genius. Go spider that site with a quickness.

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  • I did some guerilla improv for a class project in college. It was very interesting to see people’s reaction– we got cursed at and had people throwing things at us for nothing more than sitting on the low pillars in front of the library posed like gargoyles. People are weird. I think this project is fabulous! Hope they get heckled less than we did.