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EPA to Avenge Rappaccini’s Daughter

In a stroke of (madness) “brilliance,” our beloved and ever-vigilent EPA is drafting new regulations to allow manufacturers to test pesticides on people. Read the original press report here.

But don’t worry… they probably won’t be choosing to test on pregnant women or children. On purpose. Though Senator Barbara Boxer of California had this to say: “The loopholes which allow continued testing on pregnant women, infants and children are contrary to law and widely accepted ethical guidelines, including the Nuremberg code. The fact that EPA allows pesticide testing of any kind on the most vulnerable, including abused and neglected children, is simply astonishing.”

Perhaps they fear that we’re all about to be hit with Asian Bird Black Spot or maybe have our ankles attacked by cutworms (and who wants to wear tinfoil socks?). Maybe they’ll find out that the poisons they dump all over our food are in fact, say, poisonous and stop using them.