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Behold: People Off Their Asses…

We had excellent turnout, IMO, for a first time around thing. Thanks to everybody who participated and sent me story links. If you sent in something, here’s the next bit: you’re hereby invited to submit a parameter to be thrown in the hat for the next go-round. It could be a genre specification, words that must be used in the story, whatever. Do so via e-mail, please. Just bear in mind that next time you could be dealing with more than one parameter at a time. So, you know, mooha.

So anyway, without further adieu, here’s the Impromptu Virtual Anthology, Vol. 1:

Bad Kenning

El Hieb

HTQ4 (PDF link; warning: domestic violence)

Iruka Yuywell

Joyce Tick


Margot Darko

Mech Angel




Unidentified Madman


Widgett Walls