More classical goodies have been discovered at Hadrian's villa, sited a few miles north of Rome at Tivoli and the largest and most impressive villa ever built under the Roman eagles. Archaeologists revealed last week that a giant sphinx and a new staircase have been found. While much of the villas riches were stolen by 16c Popes and Cardinals, the villa continues to promise and then deliver--now specialists are hoping to see that the new monumental staircase will be lined with sphinxes, as was the practice in Egypt. Finds so far include a marvelously colored marble column, a recreation of the statue-lined pool of Canopus in Egypt, and a subterranean "Underworld" city, used by Hadrian as a summer court. In a villa about the size of Pompeii, more marvels undoubtedly wait to be discovered.

Dig superintendent says that visitors may be allowed in in "about a year."

Thanks to ANSA for the update.