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Sugar Gets Kid Suspended

Because he brought in a bag of sugar to ask a teacher about a science experiment, and joked that it was cocaine to some classmates, a kid has been suspended for being in possession of a “look-alike drug,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The story says he was charged with a felony, but Chuck Muth mentions in his latest mail-out that it was actually only a misdemeanor.

While the sheer stupidity of the school district and everyone involved, including the kid’s parents for sending the kid to a public school in the first place, is daunting to conceive of, I think this could have a chilling effect in another way. Now that precedent has been set that sugar has no place on school campuses, and is in fact a misdemeanor-level offense, anti-fat crusaders are going to finally have the leverage they need to get soft drink and snack machines out of schools for good. All we need now are some eight-year-olds being led off in handcuffs for gnawing on a Nutrageous and you’ll know for certain that the terrorists have won.

Think about it. You know I’m right.


  • Whats the deal with these “look-a-like” drugs?

    And whats wrong with public school?!

    your site owns….

  • Matt: As a victim of public schools, I could list many problems such as the lack of quality, the lack of preparedness for college, but in this case, you’ve got people making “zero tolerance” decisions that make absolutely no sense. I mean, would you want your kid going to a school where it wasn’t safe to carry sugar around? And thanks, but our site actually just leases. We might own someday.