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When Casios Attack!

Apparently, L. Ron Hubbard composed a soundtrack to his book Battlefield Earth. I can’t say how the book is exactly, but the movie was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen and I wish somebody would do a sequel. I’m still convinced somewhere in the back of my brain that it was that funny on purpose, because hilarity at that mammoth level simply can’t happen by accident. Consider that my “intelligent design” theory of comedy. Or something.

Anyway, back to this soundtrack. Wow, it’s bad. This makes the crap I would attempt while standing in the “music section” (i.e. three Casio keyboards in a row on one aisle) of Service Merchandise seem like John Williams. If I ever get it into my head to compose a soundtrack for one of my books, somebody please force me to listen to this again.

Actually, wait, hold up. I will give a dollar to anybody who uses any selection from this for an interpretive dance. Or, better yet, Battlefield Earth: The Musical. Somebody get on this. Comedy gold, waiting to happen.