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Odds and Ends for 2-21-2006

Ginormous list of projects for Halloween. Get started now, why not? My buddy Pandragon was telling me the other weekend about a Halloween ride, complete with triggered “events,” that somebody bought for the cheap. They then set it up in a large space and had their own homebrew Halloween haunted house ride. This was in Alabama, so of course the cemetery had tombstones that had stuff like “Public Education” on them. I told him he needs to throw pics of that online.

It’s a bike! It’s a jellyfish! Two great tastes that taste great–wait, no, that doesn’t work. Found via MAKE Blog.

A guy created a roller coaster in his backyard. The “Blue Flash” takes you “over the tool shed, under the elm tree, and around the rose bushes – all in 30 seconds.” Brilliant. Found as well via MAKE Blog.

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  • That list of Halloween projects may be the most useful link ever. Thankee.

    After all…
    Everyday is Halloween.
    I have given up hiding and started to fight–
    Well any time, any place, anywhere that I go
    All the people seem to stop and stare they say
    ‘Why are you dressed like it’s Halloween?’