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This Just In: McFarlane’s Got Some Big Honkin’ Toys

We’re not shy about telling you what we like. If you’ve seen some of our features for McFarlane Toys in the past, then this is not news: we think their stuff rocks. They make action figures, yeah, but they’re as close to collectible statues as you can get without just flat out removing all the points of articulation and calling it good. Which, if you’ve seen the Miracleman statue they did (which, unbelievably, you can still get for 73% off at Amazon as I write this), you wouldn’t argue with.

Check out the Battle Damaged Robocop we’ve got up there: it’s the Robocop figure you’ve seen before, but ginormous and now banged up, including a piece of the visor missing. The stand is a bit of pavement with some lovely street detritus and, of course, the pistol (which recently made a cameo in Sin City). Now if we could just get the built-in holster in his leg, that would be sweet.

Also, there’s the 12-inch Spawn figure, based on the cover of issue 95. I’ll let you in on a dirty secret of mine: I’m not the biggest Spawn fan in the world. I think the concept of the character’s great, but I’ve never felt like it’s lived up to its potential. I have, however, always had a guilty enjoyment of his ginormous freakout cape. I know McFarlane capes were the rage a while back, but for Spawn it’s worked. That all being said, even I am impressed by this figure. They’ve managed to make a plastic cape look just like the character’s should: namely, everywhere, ragged, huge and out of control. It is badass the way Spawn should be, and they’ve nailed it in this figure. If I like it, hardcore fans will devour it.

And lastly, there’s the 12-inch Scar Predator figure from Aliens vs. Predator. Say what you want about the film (and we have), but the figure is sweet. Along with its wicked base, it comes with its throwing spear/javelin/what-have-you, backpack, and removable helmet. That way you’re welcome to stare at it and say, “Vat the hell are you?”

Buy the 12-inch Robocop from Amazon.
Buy the 12-inch Spawn from Amazon.
Buy the 12-inch Scar Predator from Amazon.