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Weekend Recommendations: DVD

DVD of the Week: Repo Man. This is one of those films that, when I first saw it, I remember thinking: “…” Yes, that very same ellipse passed through my mind. And now it’s here to destroy the minds of a new generation, thanks to Universal. This special edition comes with an audio commentary featuring the writer/director Alex Cox, executive producer Michael Nesmith (yes, that Michael Nesmith), and others. You also get a bit with everyone’s favorite elder statesman of character acting, Harry Dean Stanton, plus more. (Buy it)

TV DVD of the Week: Dallas: The Complete Fourth Season. I’m a little traumatized that John Travolta has been tapped to play J.R. Ewing, not out of any love for the show, mind you, but just because the idea sounds mad as a hatter. Well, anyway, the third season set up the “Who Shot JR?” cliffhanger, and this season resolves it…eventually. There’s a total of twenty-three episodes here across four discs from Warner Brothers plus the reunion special from 2004. (Buy it)

Music DVD of the Week: Butterfly Ball. Had no idea what this was until I actually had the review copy in my hands from Music Video Distributors, but it’s kinda fun, kinda nuts. Based on a children’s book, it’s a live performance version of the story, staged as a a benefit, and featuring Twiggy, members of Deep Purple, and Vincent Price on hand to do the narration. If you need a 70s fix, be our guest. (Buy it)

Anime DVD of the Week: Kaleido Star: New Wings, Vol. 1: Eclipse of the Star. This new series of circus-based anime hits from ADV with five episodes. One and two get you up to date, and the next three take off running with new characters, new conflict, and no Layla. As a result, there’s less audiences and more strife, so fun for all the whole family, right? This comes with clean opening and closing animation, a production sketch gallery and a featurette. (Buy it)

Horror DVD of the Week: All Souls Day. Danny Trejo, one of our favorite character actors, plays an evil bastard who kills a whole townful of people in order to gain immortality. Thus cursed, the town has nothing better to do than wait around for unsuspecting dummies to show up and get stranded there, thus making them ample fodder for the living dead! Yeah, we’re suckers for zombies movies…even bad ones like this one. But Jeffrey Combs is in it too, so…we’ve got a soft spot. This Anchor Bay release comes with an audio commentary with the director and producer, three featurettes, deleted and extended scenes and more. (Buy it)

Adverse Video of the Week: Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Well, my thoughts on this film are no secret. I realize they managed to get money to do another one, but was anybody really clamoring for a special edition of this one? Regardless, if you’re one of those, or you just need a reason to chuck used coffee cups at the screen, you’ll be delighted to know that this comes with a making-of featurette, deleted scenes, and more. But you’ve been warned. (Buy it)

Brit DVD of the Week: Made in Britain. Tim Roth fans are going to want to jump all over this thing, seeing as how it’s his first film role. Directed by Alan Clarke, it’s Roth in full-on pissed off skinhead mode, basically getting in anybody and everybody’s face and daring them to try and keep him in line. Blue Underground continues to bring the noise with two audio commentaries, one with the writer and producer, one with Roth himiself, plus an archival interview with Roth. Harsh, but worth checking out. (Buy it)