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Odds and Ends for 3-22-2006

Coca-Cola made with sugar cane? Fascinating. Be nice if they’d figure out how to harness this market instead of filing lawsuits, huh? Ah, but that might take creative thought. And an eye towards pleasing customers. Any day now, Coke will sue some poor grandmother who has never seen a glass bottle of Coke and wouldn’t know how to acquire one. Found via MetaFilter.

Impressive array of cult movie posters.

We don’t often suggest decaf, but if this Gizmodo article is accurate, then the shaving razor manufacturers should definitely be on some kind of moratorium. We’re only saying this because we care.

And the next flight for Hogwarts will be departing from Gate 9 3/4…

Good Lord, there’s an entire site devoted to the time they blew up a dead beached whale? “Welcome to the definitive Exploding Whale website on the internet!” You mean there are others? Is there Exploding Whale fanfic too? Je-sus. Found via Hugh Hewitt.

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