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I Hate Backgammon

For those wondering how to bypass those unhelpful company voice response units you get when you’re trying to get customer service, Izzle pfaff! shows you the way and the truth: use the power of dada:

I called back, and once again got the irritating voice-bot asking me why I was bothering these good people whom I only wanted to give my money to. “Tell me what I can help you with!” she-it gamely said. Fuck the bot. “I can’t seem to lay down a bunt,” I replied. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that!” she-it said. The whole “let’s pretend I’m really being helped” conceit grated on me further. “Streaming Christy Canyon videos,” I said evenly. “Okay! I’ll connect you right away.” Hmmm.

I think Kenny’s been holding out on us. Read the whole thing.

Found via The Consumerist.