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This Just In: The Joe Cartoon DVD Home Invasion

Joe Cartoon: Greatest Hits

Joe Cartoon is a very sick man. But he and the Needcoffee staff have something in common: we have both taken our respective psychiatric difficulties and turned them to a positive. He’s just…you know, more successful at turning a buck out of this than we are, but hey, you know, rising boats float all flood markers…or…something.

Anyway, there have been those people who are opposed to Mr. Cartoon. Why, we have no idea. Microwaving gerbils…pureeing frogs…drugging flies…this is what it means to be a true American. But regardless, he has those who fear him and perhaps, yes, misunderstand him…as all true fucked up geniuses are. But they could always take heart in the fact that his madness was, more or less, restricted to the Interwebs (and, as we’ve just learned, thanks to the disc: demolition derbies–we are somehow unsurprised).

No longer. Mr. Cartoon and his animated legions of mayhem all stand poised to leap onto your television sets and frighten the young and the elderly. His Greatest Hits Vol. 1 hits DVD on April 25th from Brentwood Home Video, and you will simply need to surrender your sanity (and a few hours) in order to go through everything this disc has…because it’s stacked.

First, you get what the cover promises: all the various carnage you can create now using your remote control to send froggies, gerbils and others to their hilariously gory dooms using state of the art “Press & Splode” technology. The frog in a blender bit is there, as well as the gerbil in the microwave, and the gerbil vs. the piranhas, and so forth. There’s also “Joe Shows,” including such perennials as the Stone Flies and “Lament for the Toad.” You also get five episodes of “Thuh Greenfields,” plus eight episodes of “Yo-Yo-Yo,” and even three bits of old school Joe: Spontaneous Man. Then there are four bonus video clips which shroud Joe in even more mystery and flat out weirdness.

If you like Joe’s work, you should probably have this on hand to horrify your in-laws. If you don’t like Joe’s work, then expect your son-in-law to use this on you someday. We salute Joe and hope that he makes tons of coin. Because trust us: therapy is expensive.

Buy it from Amazon.


  • hey…you know what’s cool…cool is when someone “gets it”. thank you for “gettin’ it!” and thanks for the review. my next beer shall be cracked in your honor! i salute you! and my therapist salutes you as well.
    aka: the joeman.
    or as some would call me
    the “Gerbinator”