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This Just In: South Park’s 7th Season

South Park Season 7

One of the shows that blew your mind and sent you into howling fits still delivers even today (as the recent debacle with Chef and Parker and Stone’s declaration of war against Scientology proves). Of course, it’s South Park, where no cow is sacred. Included are episodes that tackle Queer Eye, the Bennifer monster, Christian rock music, Mormons, the elderly, smoking, and my personal favorite…the episode where Stan goes Goth. It’s so incredibly easy to attack the desire to conform to non-conformity, but these guys make it fresh, new and hilarious. Maybe it’s the way that kid keeps flipping his hair. I have no idea.

Regardless, with the destruction engine raging ever onwards, grab this Comedy Central/Paramount release: it comes with all fifteen seventh season episodes across three discs, and each episode comes with a short audio commentary by Parker and Stone.

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