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This Just In: Domo Arigato, Chicken Roboto

Robot Chicken, Vol. 1 DVD cover art

Some shows just fit right into the weird, slightly psychotic niche that is our readership. This show is three of those. Coming from the twisted id of Seth Green, it taps into the wealth of useless pop culture knowledge you keep between your ears and barrages you into submission using the double whammy that can only be created by using toys in stop motion skits, some of which are Just Flat Wrong. If you like shows that make you wonder if you’re going to hell for laughing at them, then this is definitely for you. The bits are rapid-fire and mind-destroying. From their many takes on superheroes to the Smurf/Seven mashup, there’s plenty here to disturb.

You should be pleased as well, that Warner Brothers rocked this release with a slew of extras: deleted scenes, deleted animatic bits, behind-the-scenes meetings, comparisons, alternate audio bits, the pilot episode, and our favorite: commentaries with the creative team, including Seth Green with some of the actors.

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