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It’s Hard Out Here for a Snack Pimp

What you’re seeing there to the right is the “Reeses Mothership,” one of numerous mad scientist culinary projects that can be found at Pimp My Snack. Can’t you see the commercial for this, if they decided to sell a legit version of it? You could have it flying in over the city, throwing its massive shadow over the buildings, the citizens standing out in the streets, looking up, stunned. You could even get Marc Singer to look up, then look right into the camera and say, “F*bleep* me. I quit.”

Anyway, the log of how these things are created is just as amusing as the end results. Some choice comments: “No, I haven’t crapped in it. That is a combination of beautiful milk chocolate and molten plastic.” And: “Staring blankly at a ‘mound’ when in fact there should be a runny liquid, I decided I was not going to be intimidated by the monster in the kitchen!”