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Giant Child-Eating Dinosaur Puppets!

MAKE Blog publishes the coolest sentence you will read this week:

Check out this amazing wearable T-Rex costume that eats children.

And sure enough, there it is.

But consider that for a moment. Even cooler than the sentence itself is the concept. What if your job was to put on a T-Rex costume and eat children? Think about that while you’re sitting in your cubicle today. That man, whoever he is, is living the dream.

In fact, that would be the BFG of party conversation. The Defender smartbomb, if you will, of chit chat.

Guy #1: So what do you do for a living? I’m a world famous surgeon and secretly saved the lives of Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, and they live on my estate and record new albums just for me.

Guy #2: I own the patent for verbs. So every time you make a complete sentence, cha-ching.

Guy #3: I am Copernicus.

Guy #4. I put on a wearable T-Rex costume and eat children.

Guys #1-3. No shit? Really?

Living. The. Dream.