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Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Relocated to NY State, Apparently

Snow White department store displays

You never know where this stuff is going to turn up. An amusement park in the Adirondacks is apparently the home to a set of nine displays that tell the story of Snow White. These Disney relics were originally created for use in department stores back in 1937. And they’ve recently been restored. That’s right, they’re the original Disney bigfigs! Check out the whole story and the pics here.

Found via Boing Boing.


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  • Oh My Gosh!!!! This is so cool. I grew up in Upstate NY and we would vacation in Lake George. It was kind of the Orlando area of NY state. There were some other amusement parks like, Gas Light Village and of course Ft. William Henry is near by.

    Not only do they have Snow White there is a really cool Alice in Wonderland area.

    I have not thought of this place in years.