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RIP: Comments

Yes, I’m afraid so. As we’ve told you before, we’re apparently the target of a crapload of spambots. And running Bad Behavior, Spam Karma 2, and Akismet on our WordPress install will keep the majority of spam comments from ever seeing the light of day…but they try to get in so often that the server just coughs up a lung. As I might have mentioned before, during the last onslaught they were hitting us twelve times a second.

The only way to keep the site from seizing up is to just turn the comments off. Which pisses me off, because I enjoy people thinking that we’re a way to get in touch with Dog the Bounty Hunter or Criss Angel. I enjoy people who post comments to the wrong site because they are utterly devoid of clue.

But the fact is if we wanted to turn it back on we’d have to move to a hosting solution that’s more robust than the one we have. And frankly, we don’t make enough money off the site to pay for gas, much less pay hundreds of dollars a month just so we can withstand the spam bastard Visigoths at the front gate.

If we somehow manage to start slinging some coin out of this gig, trust me, we’ll get them back on. But until then, they’re off and I’m not going to worry about them anymore. There’s other things I want to do, apart from our new Press Release Section and revamping all the DreamCasts.

So if you need to comment on things, join up on the Gabfest or you can reach me specifically at widgesucks at needcoffee dot com.