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Find a Reason to Watch This Show, Dammit!

Eccleston and Piper from Doctor Who

As you may be aware, the new series of Doctor Who (with new Doc David Tennant) began airing in the UK two weeks ago.

As you may also be aware, the previous series (with Christopher Eccleston in the role) has landed stateside on the Sci Fi Channel.

NOTE: That means it’s the program currently between Stargate: Farscape and Stargate: Atlantis.

We also realize that many of you have already seen season one. Further, it’s highly likely you’re watching season two now (and just in case we’re being wiretapped- let’s just assume you all live in the UK, and you paid the TV license. Sure, why not…).

So why–oh why–would you want to watch last year’s shows air on the Sci Fi Channel?

[ad#longpost]Because you might need to go back and take notes for season two (wolves, think wolves…).

Because playing the Doctor Who drinking game in front of your monitor is quite sad. You really need a bigger TV, and an open bar to get the full effect.

Because it’s a good show that deserves your praise and support. Besides, if you bail on this then you’re stuck with Mansquito and Passions re-runs.

Because honestly this is how we get the DVDs, folks. And season two airing here. Eventually….

So, console yourselves with Eccleston and season one to ensure the rest of us (you know, those of us who don’t “live in the UK and paid the license”) get Year Two. Got it?

In the meantime, we in America can rest safely in the knowledge that–thanks to the return of the NHL–Canada won’t get to see the new series until the Fall. So, at least this time theywon’t get it before we do.


  • Yes! Stumbled across this a couple of weeks ago. Flashed back to the late 70s early 80s when the alternative television station was PBS and it aired Dr. Who. I wonder if you can find just the theme song out there somewhere. By the by, there are good websites for the new and classic Dr. Who.

  • I love Dr. Who more than I love… well, something I love a bunch. I didn’t think I’d like Rose, but she’s pretty darn keen, too. For the sake of all that’s holy or secular, watch this show!