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Ultraman is Headed for DVD from BCI; Somebody Go Tell Ernie Cline

Ultraman Series 1, Vol. 1 DVD

BCI is bringing all thirty-nine original episodes of Ultraman to DVD. The first twenty hit on July 18th on a three-disc set. This will set you back $39.98.

Here, let’s snag this features list from the press release:

  • Two collectible baseball-style cards featuring photos of Ultraman and his foes
  • Original Japanese audio track, with newly created English subtitles
  • English dubbed tracks created for the original television broadcast by the same team that voiced Speed Racer
  • Interviews with English dub team Peter Fernandez, Corrine Orr and the late Earl Hammond

Also, slimline cases, monster photos, and a Kaiju encyclopedia, plus a 12-page booklet. The second volume with the remaining nineteen episodes can be expected in October.

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