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Unuseless: What This Site is All About

Doc's hard up for a light

We’ve decided that this site is pretty damn close to being Chindogu. At least, that is, based on the definitions in this Boing Boing article as well as this bit from The Nonist (where we got the image). Let’s see, is…

  • …not intended for real use.
  • …meant for everyday life.
  • …something that actually exists.
  • …quite good at revealing the spirit of anarchy.
  • …free from a true purpose.
  • …setup so that we cause so many more problems than we solve.
  • …a cause of great social embarrassment to the people who use us.

I think we’d completely qualify except for the fact that we are, in fact, funny, vulgar, and we do push propaganda daily. And Chindogu can apparently never be sold. We think “never” is a very strong word. While we’re not making any money off the site today, I’m sure you know by now that we’d sell all of your bodies for science if it would pay for our next cheeseburger. Every site thinks like this–we’re just up front with you about it.

So, oh well. We’ll just settle for being straight-up “unuseless.” Read all about it using the linkages at Boing Boing.