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To Protect and Serve the Gene Pool

Doc Ezra badge

That’s right. Any of you can wear the shirts or have the gear. But Doc Ezra determines who carries a badge. When the time comes and some waste needs to be cleaned from the gene pool, our teams are there. And Doc doesn’t play. So if you don’t want to be met by guys carrying modified microwave ovens to give your privates a nuke-job…then clean up your act, folks. Don’t drive ten miles under the limit in the fast lane, don’t approach the fast food counter until you know what to order (it’s not like McDonald’s has changed since yesterday, pally), and don’t leave your cell phone on during the movie.

Badge image courtesy of the awesome build-your-own-badge tool at We may screw around, but they don’t. If you need the hardcore gear, they look like a good place to shop. But don’t order badges like that thinking you’ll get them. The real deal can order badges, but the rest of us still have to rely on the toy aisle at Wal-Mart. Oh well.

Found via Neatorama.