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This Just In: Law & Order: Trial By Jury: The Complete Series

Law and Order: Trial By Jury: The Complete Series DVD

Well, I can’t tell you how disappointed–nay, pissed–I am that this set is called “The Complete Series.” I enjoyed this show so much that I would take the time each week to watch it. Me. Watch television. When something originally aired. I can’t remember the last time I did that for a show. And to have it get yanked before it even had a chance to get its act together–truly sad.

You had Bebe Neuwirth as a true standout. You had Fred Dalton Thompson reprising his DA role in the L&O Universe here–and he’s always welcome. You even had Chazzie award winner Jerry Orbach for a short while. The show didn’t really have a chance to reel back from his loss before the axe came for the whole thing. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the show expired and yet the insipid Conviction is still on the air, last time I checked. Oh freaking well.

This Universal boxed set gives us fans something to cry over, though. Thirteen episodes, including one the network didn’t see fit to air, are here across three discs. You also get some deleted scenes, the crossover episode they did with SVU, and a featurette talking about why the show was unique, which, apparently led to its untimely death. Yes, I’m bitter.

This show won the Chazzie this past year because it was good. Any L&O fan worth their salt should check it out, if they don’t know the show already.

Buy it from Amazon.

Update: Ripp just informed me via a Gabfest private message that Conviction has been sacked by NBC, as reported by Variety today. We can all take some cold comfort in that piece of shit being laid to rest.