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Law & Order Crosses the Pond

Law and Order UK: Bradley Walsh

Law & Order: London looks like it’s going to happen. Although the acronym LOL is certainly unfortunate. Kudos (the people who do the BBC’s Hustle, not the granola/chocolate bars) will be co-producing.

This marks the first English language version outside the U.S. (as apparently Russia and France have flavors of Law & Order…which I’d love to see…hmm, must check YouTube later). (Update: Here they are.)

Please note that the show will be tentatively called Law & Order: London. Reports that it will be called Law & Ourder or Law & Ordre are just rumors.

And you know, I’m just really depressed that Dennis Farina’s no longer with the flagship show. Otherwise, we could have had some of this action (NSFW for language)…

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via ZENtertainment.

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