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Alice’s Tea Cup, New York City – Review

Alices Tea Cup in New York City

So while prepping for being in NYC last weekend, there’s always a need to find cool, interesting places to eat. Because fast food just doesn’t cut it while on vacation, right? A great resource we’ve found for the area is The Girl Who Ate Everything. Since tea and Lewis Carroll are both easy things to dig, Alice’s Tea Cup was a natural fit. They have a new breakfast menu, so we figured why not swing up to 73rd Street and snag the first meal of the day, plus some tea?

The theme of the restaurant is handled quite well: in true Mad Hatter fashion, the furniture and teacups and whatnot had no unifying theme. Our table was the base of a treadle sewing machine and the table next to us had a glass top over a display area with teacups and plates and such. The teacups might match…or might not. Around the walls were pictures of folks in Wonderland gear enjoying teatime, with quotes from Carroll here and there. The restroom also has a nice picture of Alice and the Red Queen, admonishing employees who neglect to wash their hands that they will lose their heads. Ambience factor was high.

[ad#longpost]As for breakfast, I had an omelette with cheese and bacon which was rather tasty, plus something I would not have thought of myself: an iced combo of green tea and lemonade, which worked better than I would have expected. Cosette dined on blueberry and strawberry crepes festooned with whipped cream and chocolate, and she reports that they were good. The tea there is excellent, we can report, as we gave a shot at Alice’s house blend, and even took a couple ounces with us for later brewing back here at headquarters.

Wait staff there was excellent, food was good, unfortunately too good, so I can’t report on the desserts they had available. And the menu on the website shows they have quite the array of food for other meals. Next time we’re in town, we’re definitely going back.

Thanks to The Girl Who Ate Everything for the recommendation.


  • Not sure how long you’re there, but a couple of must-eats include (1) Lombardi’s, a century-old pizza place in what used to be Little Italy, it’s on Spring St between Mott and Mulberry and (2) you have to get some cookies from City Bakery on west 18th between 5th ans 6th Ave… as a plus, next door is an excellent used book store and a couple of very nice stationery and craft stores.

    Oh, and they’re affordable :)


  • H: We’re back, been back all week. We’ll definitely check out Lombardi’s next time, although we know City Bakery. They have some lovely evilness there. :)