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Diet Coke and Mentos Experimentation Reaches Logical and Ludicrous Conclusion

It was only a matter of time. Diet Coke + Mentos = geyser. Everyone knows this by now. Of course, in the name of science (naturally), it was only a matter of time before somebody took the idea to the far end of sanity: as a performance art piece inspired by the fountains at The Bellagio.

Hence, 200 liters of Diet Coke + 523 Mentos = you wondering, “Rehearsals for this must have sucked.”

And just remember what our friend Lord Fanny used to say: “Nothing exceeds like excess.”

See the full video at Eepy Bird.

Found via Digg.


  • Joe: According to the video it was 101 *two-liter* bottles, and the site confirms 200 liters. I fear I must beg to differ, good sir. Unless…wait, what do you know…?