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Bookman: Cool Bookshelf or My Nightmare Come to Life?

Bookman bookshelf

I know what you’re thinking: just a short while ago we talked about a stone golem, this must be a book golem! Well, in actuality it’s a bookshelf (available in three configurations) from Any Amount of Books.

But really, I know our audience. We all have books. Scores of books. Books that we’ve been meaning to get around to reading. Some of them have been waiting, patiently, for years now. To me, this is what would happen if they rose up as one: “Widge, quit screwing around and read us! Read us, Widge!” This thing would chase me around a large, cold mansion, and then I would wake up in a cold sweat and fall out of bed. And of course, there’s a bookshelf right next to my bed so I’d probably start screaming again.

Now you see why I hate to sleep?

Anyway, this was found via Neatorama.