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Abducted by Aliens? This Could Get You Back Here, Post-Probe

Location Earth dog tag

For those of you who think Fire in the Sky is a documentary, you might be a bit concerned about how to get back home after you’ve been abducted by big-eyed extraterrestrials. The Location Earth Dog Tag is supposed to help you get over that, sporting info on how the aliens can drop you back on Earth:

Engraved with several methods of locating Earth in the Galaxy, an alien pilot does not need to understand any human language to use this information. The mathematical location of Earth in relation to several important pulsars is represented by the radial diagram.

Now, first of all, the radial diagram looks to me like a high level on Missile Command, so I dunno about that. And second of all, if you do get snatched, and you find yourself in the clutches of the Horde or the Brood, you keep that goddamn thing under your shirt, you hear? Take one for the team.

Found via Strange New Products.