Darkness from Legend

Yes, that's right. While the superstitious pigeons are freaking about the day, the rest of us are indulging in some wonderfully hellish good music and videos. Here's a roundup of some stuff to while away the night while waiting for a Gregorian calendar-dependent evil to descend upon us all, no doubt in punishment for Dan Brown becoming a bijillionaire on our watch:

Beware of the Blog has scads of links for your enjoyment, including but not limited to: a video of Santa vs. Satan, a guide to exorcism recordings, and Anton Lavey's "Satan Takes a Holiday." And something that's truly wrong: "Abbott and Costello Meet the Anti-Christ"

Burning Oak has got a mini-slew of themed live tracks. So does Clever Titles Are So Last Summer. And I Guess I'm Floating. And Shoes Are For Work.

Who Needs Radio? wonders about signs of the End Times, and provides some tunage.

Awesome Until Proven Guilty has a slightly larger selection. As does All Things Go, along with a cute baby, so Scott will be happy.