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Coming Soon: Izod With Built-in Medical Tricorder

Sensatex, along with researchers at the textile department of the Georgia Institute of Technology, has developed a remarkable new “Interconnection Technology.” It’s basically a network of sensors and processors that are incorporated into the fabric of a shirt to provide data on the wearer’s health, such as heart rate or temperature. The Sensatex fabric was originally commissioned by the R&D department of the Department of Defense, and reportedly took five years to develop. The data collected by the sensors in the fabric can be read by an outside monitor. This monitoring capability makes it an ideal product for emergency responders such as firemen or soldiers, who could be monitored by a commander outside of a danger zone, for people with health issues who could be monitored by a nurse, or for athletes and their coaches who want to improve the machinery of their bodies.

The Needcoffee staff would like to humbly suggest the addition of a tweakometer so we can better self-medicate and adjust our coffee blends accordingly.

Image found at A.C. Ryan; info found via Popgadget.