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Colors Are Overrated Digest #7

Lost Boys Santa Clara t-shirt from Last Exit to Nowhere

  • Last Exit to Nowhere continues to post shirts that make you want to throw them money. How insidious of them. If you’re okay with Santa Clara and all the damn vampires there, then you might as well invest in this shirt. It’s in black, too. Which means they are not only cunning but possessing of frightfully good taste.
  • Nothing asks the question “Why won’t the kid stop screaming” better than a black mobile of silhouetted zombie figures hanging over a crib, eh?
  • From the “So Silly I Just Might Want One” Department, a black Star Wars Darth Vader toaster that burns Vader’s head onto each slice of bread it encounters. I think it only makes sense: first action figures, then Mighty Muggs, then…collectible toast. Found via Neatorama.
  • Any respectable Phil K. Dick fanatic will want to snag these shirts–including Can-D and Chew-Z–based on his writings. Found via Boing Boing.
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  • This Evil Dead lunchbox is unbelievably lame: it’s just the same image plastered on a black lunchbox and thermos. The image doesn’t even take up the whole front of the lunchbox, either. But…I crave it anyway. That’s…really freaking sad, isn’t it?
  • ThinkGeek now has a new “Traveler Handheld Coffee Mill,” for when you’re away from electricity but still need coffee. Which is good because it means I can finally ditch that sixty-foot drop cord I always carry around with me for emergencies. You can snag yours here.