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Folgers Happy Mornings: Just Keep Telling Yourself “It’s Only a Commercial…”

Folgers Happy Mornings WTF

After viewing this, I would like to declare that I have given instructions to Siege: anyone who brings Folgers within fifty yards of any Sleep Deprivation Institute facility should be dropped. It’s obviously got some kind of psychoactive drug in it that makes you tolerate shiny, happy people when instead shiny, happy people should be used for shark chum.

Also, any glowing person dressed in yellow is advised to stay out a hundred yards. We have dobermans. Trained dobermans. We are considering anyone of this description to be a carrier of a dangerous memetic virus.

This commercial also brings a valuable lesson: see what happens when you sleep? While you’re unconscious your shores can be invaded by these monsters, and you won’t know until they’re right on top of you! It’s enough to bring Wodgett to mind, it’s so diabolical…


Thanks to Pan for the warning.