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AOL: Vincent Ferrari Stabs it With His Steely Knives…

This is making the rounds, but it’s worth sharing: this guy, Vincent Ferrari, called into AOL to cancel his account and the rep, instead of cancelling, apparently wanted to perform some kind of wacko therapy on him. Either that or some Jedi mind trick, which Vince was not having. But regardless, he wouldn’t let Vince cancel. So Vince posted the audio of the exchange online. There’s an overview with some transcript bits here.

Between this and AOL’s apparent refusal to cancel the account even if the accountholder is deceased…you thought where you worked had staffing issues.

Image taken from KWC Blog.

Update: The Consumerist has posted another crazy, yet easy to believe story where a family had to pretend to be their dead mother in order to get their e-mail working. I hope all of this bad publicity is kicking AOL in the nads. I really do. It’s inexcusable.