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Seibei: Zombie Hunter Tees With Choose-Your-Own-Gore

Zombie Hunter by Seibei

Binky the Doormat clued us into a zombie-related t-shirt. And, well, you know us and zombies.

As you can see, it’s a would-be jersey for the Intramural Zombie Hunting League. Which is one thing. But something must be special, you’re saying to yourself. After all, it’s not black, is it? But the reason it’s not black is because you can customize the level of gore you want on the shirt. They take “special requests,” too. Please excuse me whilst I geekgasm.

If that wasn’t enough, though, the Seibei blog on that site reports they’re upgrading the design to include custom numbers and “player names.” Now I think I’m just going to freaking faint.

If you want the original (which I’m sorely tempted to go ahead and snag), snag it here. And check out their other designs as well. I’m sure many on this site will appreciate “Kitten Apocalypse”.