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Superman Returns…to Your CD Player

Superman Returns Soundtrack

Well, while everybody who didn’t get in line to see the film at a midnight showing is no doubt checking out the film even as I type this and you read it, if you dug it and you want some more of a spandex fix, then check it out: John Ottman does his best to channel John Williams in the soundtrack to the new film–and rightly so. It became very evident how much the new film leans on the old franchise to get your nostalgia rocks off when I saw the most recent television commercial: had absolutely no effect on me. Once it was over, I realized why: they had exchanged the Williams score for some progressive rock crap. It’s the Williams score and the feelings it stirs in us–same thing with Star Wars. We’re suckers, all of us, for Williams. So they were wise to prop up the film on his back, although it’s a shame since I normally like Ottman’s work when he’s just being himself.

Also of note, if you’re feeling in a mood for a tribute album, there’s Sound of Superman, which features a mix of cover songs and original bits in praise of Kal-El. Honestly, I didn’t recognize any of the bands on here except The Sun and Motion City Soundtrack. I’m just a little disappointed they couldn’t get somebody like Marilyn Manson to cover “Can You Read My Mind?” You know you’d pay good money to hear that.

Both of these releases are from Rhino.

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