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#TrackoftheDay: “The Dismemberment Song”

Blue Kid
USA (2012)

So…a word on how this is supposed to work. I like to find a picture of the band to use for these things. And if at all possible, a picture of the band from around the time the song was recorded. This can be problematic for bands that have had twenty-two different people come and go from between the time they started off and today. But…what about a band that appears to be camera shy? Or is simply up to something?

I looked everywhere for a standard band photo of Blue Kid, the group that brings you this lovely showtune-esque celebration of chopping someone into manageable chunks. Their website? Is AWOL. Twitter or Facebook? Gone. Their Soundcloud? Nope, there isn’t a pic there. Their YouTube has videos…but no photo of the band itself. I have had better luck finding photos of a relatively obscure band from 1970s Senegal than this band from modern day Brooklyn. Did they all go into witness protection?

All the band photos I have found are of the lead singer/songwriter Lydia Benecke. Including that one up top, with someone on guitar in the background which I assume to be a member of Blue Kid. But I’m starting to wonder…what if there isn’t (or wasn’t) a band at all? Oh sure, there had to be a band of some sort because people have reported to have seen said band. But the band could all be actors hired by Benecke. If that is her real name. Oh wait. Here’s an article where the band won something. Surely there’ll be a

Goddammit. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation or the fact that she sounds so sweetly sinister or these new meds I’m on, but Benecke has got to be up to something. And if I disappear, you’ll know I got too close to the truth. You can check out her latest stuff here.