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The Last Starfighter Returns: No, Relax, It’s Not a Remake…Yet

The Last Starfighter. I know a lot of folks have a great affinity for that flick. Me, I’m game for anything with Robert Preston in it. Still, it was a cruel movie, for it took the whole literary paradigm of “You have a part to play in a greater saga, and one day someone will show up and pull you out of your current story and into the story you actually belong in” and applied it to millions of arcade gamers. It was all a plot to get us to shovel more quarters (like we needed any help with that). No, really, kids. The universe is depending on you. Heh heh heh.

Anyway, Kotaku clues us into this: somebody’s recreated The Last Starfighter game as it appeared in the movie. And they’re working on creating a game cabinet to stick it in. You can download it and play it, too–I did.

And I’ll say this: if the universe comes under attack by aliens, I’m probably the last person you need to call. At least if piloting the ship rivals playing Defender as far as the number of keys to keep up with. Zombie outbreak, though, and I’m your huckleberry.