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Cold Sweat Ice Cream: Fire With a Side of Fire

Cold Sweat

Slashfood points us to (warns us about?) an ice cream parlor in North Carolina where they’ve created a flavor that could be construed as an affront to God and man: “Cold Sweat.” What is in Cold Sweat, you ask? The article informs us:

The final version is made with a blend of Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce and Blair’s Megadeath Hot Sauce, along with a secret ingredient. Chile peppers, habaneros and Thai chiles are then stirred in.

Sweet mother of the apothecary’s widow. That’s some crazy shit right there, folks. Be sure to read the whole article. The blow by blow of what Cold Sweat does to you, plus some of the verbiage on the waiver you have to sign to try it, make it worth the price of admission.