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Deep-Fried Coca-Cola: God Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah For Less

Deep Fried Coke

My brain just rebels at the very thought of this. There’s eating and drinking in a self-destructive manner, and then there’s doing so that could take out the person next to you as well. This definitely comes in the latter category:

Gonzales deep-fries Coca-Cola-flavored batter. He then drizzles Coke fountain syrup on it. The fried Coke is topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and a cherry.

Okay, folks. I run this website. I have so much caffeine and sugar in my system that I sometimes take caffeine to relax so I can go to sleep when my body finally does rebel and says, “Sleep or we’re going to defenestrate ourselves and take you with us.” And even I find this abhorrent. When you’ve gone past my limits, then you’ve achieved something truly diabolical.

Holy crap.

Found via Sore Eyes.


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  • yeah. We went to the state fair a few weeks back. Add fried Twinkies and fried Oreos to that list.