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The Exotica of Oddica

Well, Oddica shouldn’t be news to anybody around here. This new site offers excellent t-shirts and the artists do well on the deal. They’re young, but offer a wide variety of shirts for the geeks among you, shirts for B-Naut to drool on, and shirts to make you go “….Wait. What?”

In other words, they look good and they look like they are perfect for our demographic. But looks are cheap, right? How do the shirts stack up when you actually get them in the mail? Well, the folks at Oddica hooked us up with a few for us to test drive. Um, test wear. You understand what I’m saying.

First up, how do they look? Well, apart from showing up in a badass envelope with Oddica artwork all over it–no doubt blowing the minds of those delivering it–the designs for each shirt looked just as good as they do on the website. In fact, in the case of “Above It All” (pictured here), it looks even better on the shirt than it did on the site.

They feel soft as hell and the designs feel integrated into the shirt rather than being puffy off the shirt’s surface like other companies’ shirts can be. We attribute that to what they mention in their FAQ about water-based ink. We’re about as technically up on the latest printing techniques as we are good at picking locks on moving cars. But we can say that they looked good, felt very comfy on the bods and seemed to hold up well after washing.

Washing–I never dry my shirts in a dryer. For some reason there’s something about my shirts–they fit fine when I get them, but if I dry them, suddenly they’re screwed and I can’t wear them anymore. So while I air dried mine, the others were dried and they did shrink a bit. Still wearable mind you, but bear in mind to order up if you’re one of those dryer type people. And hey, the designs still looked pretty damn fresh, even after a few washes. So that’s excellent.

Are they quality? Worth the $20 (if you’re only ordering one, mind you)? Yeah, I’d say so. It’s the comfy factor that sold me, honestly. And they’ve got a lot of stuff to come, like a line of kids’ shirts plus other crazy designs. Check this out. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of these designs out and about in the world. So get ahead of the curve and snag some. They’re printed in limited quantities, so buy now or weep later. Just don’t weep on my shirts. They might shrink. I’m paranoid about this, yes.

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