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The Amazing Screw-on Head: I Always Wanted One of Those

Mike Mignola’s definitely amusing animated pilot for The Amazing Screw-on Head is now online at They want you to watch the episode and then answer a survey about it, which will supposedly go into their decision whether or not to greenlight the thing.

Me, when I took the survey I blew it up. So I hope that doesn’t bode ill for the show. Anything with mechanical automatons, elder demi-gods, killer monkeys, zombies, undead dogs and vampires simply has to be admired.


  • Really fun stuff, if you like Venture Brothers- you’ll love this show. For the show’s health, I’m really hoping Adult Swim swipes this one- cause I’m not really sure Sci Fi (the network that inappropraitely airs Law & Order:SVU reruns and ECW) would know what to do with it- since they’ve had some trouble finding a good night/time slot for Tripping the Rift.

    Perhaps pairing this with Rift might work…