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Podcast Review: A Brobdingnagian Minute

The Brobdingnagian Bards are a band from Austin, Texas who combine their Celtic music aesthetic with a geekish mentality that causes them to create things like Jedi drinking songs. Favorites online, in various venues, and at DragonCon, their Celtic music reflects, as their own site states, “Scottish and Irish folk songs combined with the Lord of the Rings music and a wee bit o’ Celtic fun.” Their podcast gives them the chance to talk a little bit about their music, but since their music is inherently funny in places (it is Celtic, as I’ve said), the podcast veers off into humorous territory fairly regularly. We get the chance to hear some of their music, and if you like discovering lesser-known, but quality, musical groups, then this part will please you the most.

In their most recent podcast, they talk about their “fear” of becoming a Police Academy movie if they do too many Jedi drinking songs, as well as their fear of being compared to George Lucas–a fear they would not have felt mere years ago, and how this combined fear and reverence means that George Lucas should be some sort of religious figure. They also play some of their music, as they usually do, but this time use their CD instead of performing live. Incidentally, the “Minute” is closer to a half an hour. A few of their earlier casts are a bit uneven in quality, but they’re all worth listening to, if you are interested in how creative types come up with their work, or just like the band.

If you like musical comedy or Celtic music, or maybe even are a Star Wars or DragonCon fan, then check out the Brobdingnagian Bards’ podcast. Subscribe via iTunes. Really, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the Star Wars theme done with Celtic instruments.

Learn more about the Bards at their website. They’re pretty generous with the free mp3s, so go on over and check ’em out. Be sure to nab their version of “The Scotsman” and “If I Had a Million Ducats,” as well as their more serious pieces. Real men, it seems, do indeed wear kilts.