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The Voices of the Simpsons: A Bit Billowy

I know this is all old footage, but damn it never ceases to make me laugh. We don’t get to see vocal casts of animated shows doing their thing out from behind the animation often enough. I think these folks could take this on the road and make a freaking fortune. I’d pay to see a live table reading, I don’t know about you.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

We were reminded of this by Digg. More after the jump…

And while we’re talking Simpsons voices, we might as well link up the Actor’s Studio bit that they did. Video’s terrible but the sound comes through and that’s what matters. It’s in three five parts:

Update: Alas, it’s been taken down. The version I could find online is chopped up and another version the video is stretched out to widescreen, which would make your eyes bleed. If somebody puts this back up–or if it gets put up legitimately, somebody let me know.

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  • I realize that being a voice for The Simpsons is a kick ass gig, but I remember when Yeardly Smith was in “The Legend of Billie Jean” and Herman’s Head doing some killer acting in front of the camera. I miss that.

  • Eh, I’m almost positive that they did do a live show. A couple of years back at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I figured they’d toured with it elsewhere but maybe not.

    I know that the lady that voices Bart did a one-woman show as well. I wasn’t supposed to be that good if I recall the reviews correctly.

    I can’t find any evidence that any show is still going but I expect it might tour again after they’ve done the movie.

  • SpaceDog: Yeah, I’m talking about a full-on tour. I mean, the Family Guy crew has done Family Guy Live in a couple of places and I’m sure this stuff happens at comedy festivals, but I would want to see them, you know, where I live. :) And of course these folks are probably tied up with actually doing the show, so that kinda crimps long-range touring plans. Ah well.