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Go Ape Shirts: Aliens and Robots and Monkeys, Oh My!

Elliot's New Friend from Go Ape Shirts

Okay, I think it’s no secret that we’re addicted to cool, wicked, funny T-shirts. No, really. We could stop if we wanted to, though. Honest.

So it’s with mixed feelings that we heard about Go Ape Shirts, where they meet all the three criteria above. We cringe, then we get this smile on our face, and our wallet starts sobbing in the corner. But oh well. C’est la guerre.

Seriously, check out the image there. Kevin Ross’ “Elliot’s New Friend” is pure pop culture mashup genius. (And it’s on black!) Check out the kaiju-esque goodness of Henrique Lima’s “Battle!” And the first shirt I saw from these guys that made me snort coffee all over my laptop: Dave Horowitz’ “Boo-Boo Walker.” It’s all good, though. And reasonably priced at $18 a shot. They’re sick and they deserve your coin.

Find out the whole shmeal here.