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The Golden Arches to Offer McLattes?

Willard Scott as Ronald McDonald

At long last! You can get a McEspresso to wash down your McRib! I know that’s what you’ve all been waiting for. Well, the Wall Street Journal says it’s here. They’re going to add baristas to your local McDonald’s with espresso machines front and center. And does this put Ronald’s crazed white and red stripes up against the green aprons of Starbucks?

McDonald’s executives say they aren’t launching espresso drinks to go after Starbucks, but instead to cater to consumers’ growing interest in specialty drinks. And although McDonald’s is encroaching on the business that Starbucks invented, analysts say McDonald’s may pose more of a threat to Dunkin’ Donuts, which has a more similar customer base. Analysts also point out that McDonald’s overall beverage expansion, which includes bottled drinks, is as much aimed at taking business from convenience stores and vending machines as it is from specialty cafes.

Although they no doubt wouldn’t shed a tear over eating some of Starbucks’ lunch either, I’m sure. And hey, if they can serve the same sort of coffee drinks for something like half the price of a Starbucks equivalent, would you frequent it? Me, I’m just interested in the super sizing.

Found via Starbucks Gossip.

Image. From the scariest McDonald’s commercial ever.