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Bulletin from the Ministry of Naughty Bits: A Threeway of DVDs

Cecilia DVD cover art
Eugenie De Sade DVD Cover art
Going Under DVD Cover art

As your Minister of Naughty Bits, one of my more pleasurable duties is issuing bulletins to keep the public advised of media that deals with the sexy. Because it’s all about the sexy. This is all for your health, so grin and bear it.

First off is Eugenie De Sade. A young girl with a budding sexuality lives with her stepfather who has interesting ideas for father-daughter outings. The activity they pursue is killing strangers in myriad kinky methods for their enjoyment. This killing game terrifies and excites her and brings the two close, too close. Daddy Albert’s latest jape is for Eugenie to seduce a young musician then break his heart so he’ll commit suicide. However Eugenie breaks the rules of the game by falling for the musician and Daddy doesn’t like competition. An erotic film made with a heady brew of obsession, love and death with a European sophistication. Blue Underground has included an interview with director Jess Franco about being inspired by the Marquis de Sade and the tragic beauty Soledad Miranda. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

Next is Cecilia. Cecilia has the perfect life: money, beauty, and a loving husband. Of course, she’s bored out of her mind. After enjoying being violated by some former employees more than she thought, she convinces her husband that the path to rekindling their passion is seeking pleasure with no regrets or recriminations. So they start their debauched adventures engaging in more and more depraved sexual encounters and partners. But is the libertine existence and true love compatible? Does giving yourself completely to pleasure mean you cannot enjoy the pleasure of privacy? Again Blue Underground has an interview with filmmaker Jess Franco about making the film. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

In Going Under, Peter (Roger Rees) is ‘enjoying’ his intense erotic sessions with Suzanne (Geno Lechner), a professional dominatrix. In fact, he is becoming obsessed with her. Suzanne is also having feelings for her client. They decide to break the rules and see each other in the normal world. But they discover that the rules are there for a reason and you don’t need a cat-o-nine-tails to cause someone pain. There are plenty of special features on this disc including a sneak peak at the NYC Black & Blue Ball. Now this is a theme that would have gotten me to go to my senior prom. Click here to buy it from Amazon.