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Man vs. Monstrous Five Pound Burger

The Counter lets you build your own burger. As you can see from their menu, they have a crapload of toppings.

So Tim did what any one of us would do: he ordered one with everything. I’m talking everything. It weighed in at five pounds and had a total of fifty-four toppings. Then he tried to eat it in thirty minutes. What a freaking maniac. Tim, we salute you.

Of course, I checked with our Minister of Beastflesh, Siege, and he’s thrown a yellow card on the play:

See that’s cheating. You have to have it on a bun for it to be an accomplishment. He just made a Siege- and Widge-friendly salad. You know it’s a Siege- and Widge-friendly salad, when it requires a steak knife to eat.

Regardless, I figure you could easily make a giant bun that would incorporate all that. So I’m going to be impressed anyway. And wish I had a Counter here in Coast City.

Found via Slashfood.